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The Executive Committee

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Graham White

Profession: Business Analyst
Belief: Sceptic – waiting for personal proof!
First SWPR Event Attended: St Briavels 
Favourite Location: Newbridge Memo
First Paranormal Experience: Still waiting for a REAL one.
An Interesting Fact: Having done fencing and archery in school (all those years ago), is it any wonder I enjoy the historical aspects to our paranormal locations?

Mark Gulliford
Investigations Coordinator

Profession: Assistant Accountant 
Belief: Originally a believer, but becoming more of a sceptic.
First SWPR Event: Margam Castle 2005
Favourite location: Llancaiach Fawr Manor
First paranormal experience: Back in around 1984 whilst walking through Pontypool park with my father and sister, I saw a smartly dressed lady in Victorian clothes, with a large hat and waking with a closed frilly umbrella, she was walking by which used to be the children’s activity area swings, slide etc, around by St Albans school, she was also seen by my sister at the same time. 
An Interesting fact: I have over 25 years experience with training dogs and was best junior dog handler of wales in 1988.


Neil Pocknell

Profession: Accounts Assistant
Belief: Used to be a strong believer, now getting more sceptical.
First SWPR Event Attended: Margam Castle 2006
Favourite Location: Got to be Margam!
First Paranormal Experience:
 May have seen (a ghostly!) someone sat on our bed at Maes Mawr Hotel.
An Interesting Fact: Trained advance SCUBA diver. I also had a pioneering operation in 1975 and am still alive to tell the tale!

Kirsten Pocknell

Profession: Stable Yard Assistant
Belief: Believer
First SWPR Event Attended: Dolman Theatre 09 (And the training day!)
Favourite Location: It would have to be Llancaiach Fawr
First Paranormal Experience: This may not be paranormal but given the time it happened it was very strange. After the war my grandfather gave my grandmother a ring which he’d had made for her in Egypt. She said she would keep it always. She kept it for almost 60 years, then, the day after she died, my mother wanted to give the ring to my Uncle and went to get it from the box in which it had been kept. The ring exploded into eight or nine pieces with my grandmother’s picture lying in the centre. It was as if it was never meant to belong to anyone else.
An Interesting Fact: I spent the first four years of my life in plaster from the waist down as I was born with both hips out of place.