We at SWPR pride ourselves on our Events. As a scientific based organisation, and with investigations being the prime objective of our group, we also greatly appreciate the history of ‘ghost hunting’.  History is in fact massively important to the majority of our members, and this is echoed in the choice of some of our Patrons!

Therefore, in the early days of SWPR it was decided that for us to better understand ghostly accounts, myths and legends that occur around properties, or are told to us first hand by a variety of people who claim to have had ghostly encounters, we should also fully appreciate the history and background of ghost hunting through the ages.

Our events are either held for Members, or for Charity groups. Both, however, are run in the same way.

SWPR Events are designed to give attendees an overall appreciation of a variety of methods of spirit communication and investigation methods. This may include activities of a more spiritual nature, mixed with scientific experiments and procedures. The range of activities undertaken on the night vary, often dictated by location restrictions or opportunities, and us striving to ensure returning members have the chance to experience a wide variety of traditional and modern investigation methods.

We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone attending an event, but some of our event activities include: Mini Investigation, Planchette, Dowsing, Glass Channelling, ‘Alone in the Dark’… and many more options!

All our events are non-profit making. We are, and always have been, a non-profit making organisation. The charges for events are simply to cover the cost of location hire (and food, refreshments, etc where applicable).

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