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Books & Media

Books by SWPR

We are extremely proud to say that we have 4 books that are available to buy that have been written by SWPR:

“Haunted Cardiff & The Valleys”, “Haunted Swansea and Beyond”, “Haunted Newport & The Valleys” and our very special Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity book “Welsh Celebrity Ghost Stories”.

These books were a labour of love, and the first 3 were collaboratively written by many of our members – you all know who you are! A special thanks goes out to Steve, Clare and Graham for all the writing, collating, editing, proof reading and photography, without which these books would have never gotten to the publishers!

An extra special thank you goes out to Ruth and Neil for the ridiculous amounts of hard work they put into the Celebrity book. They worked above and beyond to acquire, edit and generally create the whole book from start to finish. Amazing work, and a lovely amount of money to a fantastic cause.

Buy the books from by clicking on the covers below! If you’re having trouble finding copies at your local ASDA, book shop, or online retailer, then contact us and we’ll try to arrange for you to buy a copy directly from us!



SWPR have appeared in the media for different reasons throughout the years, and although there’s too many to list directly, below you will find a few recordings and articles that you may find interesting.

If you would like to speak to SWPR regarding any media requests, please contact