About Us

South Wales Paranormal Research

was launched on Friday 31st October 2003!

About us

SWPR is based in Wales and we undertake to investigate reports of apparitions, hauntings and other spontaneous paranormal phenomena. We do not have any pre-conceived opinions about the nature of such phenomena and enter all investigations with a fully open minded attitude.

We are based in South Wales, but we do not restrict our investigations only to that area, although the focus of our work is promoting the paranormal heritage in the principality. SWPR hopes to be able to play an important role in not only preserving this rich heritage, but also making it as accessible as possible for those of all ages and abilities to enjoy to its fullest extent. We maintain links with other groups with an interest in paranormal investigation throughout the UK, and we would encourage you to get in touch with us, either as a potential member, or to establish a contact between your group and ours.

We have a growing membership base within SWPR and strive to provide a good service to them at all times. We aim to provide a number of paranormal events for members to take part in, and provide opportunities for them to undertake training as an SWPR investigator. We undertake to assist our members to develop their interest in the subject and enable them to play a bigger part within the group, offering a number of opportunities for them to play a key role in the overall development of the SWPR.

SWPR has also undertaken to support national charitable organisations such as Childline Cymru, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and Ty Hafan by offering our skills, knowledge and time to assist them to set up fundraising events.

Please Note:

It is important to point out that SWPR are not “ghostbusters”, in that we do not claim or attempt to rid places of the phenomena reported. Our aims are to investigate, assess and collate reported paranormal activity. We can reassure people or provide a greater understanding, or refer them to other agencies that can assist them.

Organisational Objectives

  1. To investigate reports of alleged paranormal phenomena including but not limited to apparitions, hauntings, poltergeists and other spontaneous phenomena.
  2. To collect, document and assess any evidence that is found through the scientific investigation of alleged paranormal phenomena.
  3. To participate in and actively encourage research into investigative techniques and activities.
  4. To cooperate and interact with other like minded paranormal organisations.
  5. To continuously catalogue, preserve and promote the paranormal heritage of Wales.
  6. To take part in investigative training in order to be able to provide a quality service.
  7. To actively promote best practice in all areas.
  8. To engage with and actively support charitable organisations in the promoting of and organising fundraising events.
  9. To provide a high quality and developing service to our members.
  10. To always work within equal opportunity guidelines, and endeavour to ensure our activities do not exclude any persons where possible.


Information about venues where events have been or are being organised by SWPR, have been provided by the venue owners and presented by us in good faith. SWPR cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and disclaims any responsibility for error, mis-interpretation and any and all loss, disappointment, negligence or damage caused directly or indirectly by reliance on the information contained on this website or any failure or alleged failure in the delivery of the services referred to herein, or in the event of the bankruptcy, liquidation or cessation of trade of any company, individual or firm referred to herein. The occurrence of a SWPR organised event at a particular venue is not a guarantee that an establishment is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, but may indicate that “reasonable” measures have been taken to comply with the Act. Many venues offer disabled access although the extent of facilities can vary considerably between establishments – for example toilets, ramp access, guide dogs welcome, large print, etc. It is recommended that you contact the venue where SWPR have organised the event in order to establish the amenities and facilities provided by that venue for the disabled. SWPR cannot accept responsibility for any dissatisfaction with venues or activities.

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